How to carry out the invocation of spiritual medallions

Spirit Ashes is an incredibly useful technique in Elden Ring. To use them, players can summon a spirit of wolves, humans, squirrels and other creatures to help them in battle. In the early stages of the game, it is possible to get the Elden Ring Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, which has a large amount of HP and can accumulate many strokes, making it perfect to spread a fight with jefes as it always bothers Margit. Caído Prison.

Take the steps to spiritual medusa in the Fire Ring

To get Spirit Jellyfish in the Fire Ring, go to Stormhill Shack. This is just before you reach the gates of the castle and just after you have passed through the gate in the lower part of the hill next to the ruins of Gatefront where you can find Whetstone Knife and one of the fragments of the map of Limgrave.

where one can conduct censuses of spiritual medus in a ring fire

When he arrives here and talks to Roderika, the arrested NPC is shot in the middle of the hunt.

how to bring spirits into a ring fire

Talk to her and she will tell you her story. Talk to her once or twice more and she will surely ask you to take “this little one” and deliver the censors of the spiritual medusa in the Fire Ring.

Why do you want Spirit Medusa?

As mentioned earlier, Spirit Jellyfish has a large amount of HP and does not get as much damage from bosses as Margit. This makes it ideal for distracting enemies and accumulating damage while hitting easily.

fire ring espíritu medusa ceniza description in the game

To help you in battle, Spirit Jellyfish can also inflict damage with its toxic projectile attacks. To the extent that the damage of the poison accumulates in an enemy, it will cause more and more damage, what it does is perfect to face the first battles against the game’s bosses.

Ahi tienes how to get spirits medusa in the Elden Ring. For more tips, tricks and guides for FromSoftware’s epic role-playing games, visit our wiki or see more of our game coverage in the sequel.

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