How to cancel pre-order bonuses

The Quarry is the latest Supermassive Games title, and with it come great features and a new and interesting environment. If you are just starting out and looking for spare bonuses from The Quarry, this is what you need to know.

It will not make the game on a large scale, but add it enough to give something a little different. Concentrated primarily on aesthetics, we plan to make The Quarry a little more interesting.

If you are looking for more information about The Quarry, check out what we know about The Quarry’s wait times. We will also have a page that will review the big question about The Quarry Gamepass. With each big new launch, the question arises whether or not Gamepass subscribers will get a brand new game for a small change.

What are the spare editions of The Quarry? – All benefits explained

As 2K Games Shop demonstrates, there are two main editions of The Quarry that you can purchase before launch.

The free version gives you access to the game, but if you reserve it, you also get the ‘History of Terror Visual Filters Package’. This allows you to add a filter plug to the look of the game.

It’s just an aesthetic difference hidden in the graphics configuration, but the tone change is not so stubborn that it can have a drastic effect on your gaming experience.

If you decide to get the luxury version of the game, get the previous filter package as follows:

  • Instant access to the ‘Death Rewind’ feature
  • Gorefest movie mode
  • Displays characters with themes from the 80s

Of course, there is nothing here that absolutely matches his experience with The Quarry, but the extra features can help him enjoy things a little more.

The combination of the VHS filter with the thematic events of the 80s, for example, will make The Quarry a modern film experience with something that visually coincides with the clear golden age of the terror atmosphere that seeks history.

How to cancel The Quarry reserve bonus

If you have it all loaded and ready to use, you really do not need to do anything to access backup benefits.

You just have to know where to turn. In the configuration table, measure the screen where you can switch between a filter plug. Anyone who is the person you are playing with at the moment will be on screen so you can see what will change.

For ‘Death Rewind’, find it and activate it on the availability page. This allows you to reverse a death and make another decision or pass a QTE. Generally, it unlocks after finishing the game, but you get it from the beginning with your request in advance.

If you’re finally playing The Quarry for yourself and recognize some of these voices, here’s the latest information on The Quarry’s double actors. No doubt some of your family members will be listed along with the characters’ personalities, and if you have difficulty finding these voices, the previous guide will help you.

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