how to activate Grand Lift of Dectus

Fire Ring is a brand new action RPG developed by FromSoftware and released by Bandai Namco, and has just been launched for PC and consoles. The game presents a large open world called Lands Between, full of optional bosses and mazmorra to face, as well as many mysteries to discover. Here it is how to activate the Great Dectus Lift in the Fire Ring.

Activation of the large Dectus Elevator in the Fire Ring

To activate the elevator, use the Dectus Medal, which is divided into two goals. You will first need to recover some mitades before continuing with Ascensor.

  • Directions to Fort Haight, on the southeast corner of East Limgrave.

    Be sure to talk to Kenneth Haight first on your way and gain access to help him regain his strength.

  • In Fort Haight, eliminate semi-humans and go to the top of the walls.

    Keep an eye on the knight and you will be able to open a box containing the left half of the Dectus Medal.

    fire ring large dectus elevator

  • Directions to Fort Faroth, located in Caelid, just north of Redmane Castle.

    Keep in mind that Fort Faroth is a much harder place to clean than Fort Haight, so make sure you have enough level down in Limgrave and Liurnia of the Lakes before you instruct.

  • You will find a staircase in the farthest side of the room when you enter. Go up to find a box containing the right half of the Dectus Medal in the Elden Ring.
  • At the same time, take the Bellum Highway, accessible from the entrance to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, and head north to the Grand Lift of Dectus.

    With the medal in your power, you can activate the Ascensor and reach the Field of Altus.

  • Alternative route to the village of Altus

    If you want to get to Altus town early, there is actually another elevator that you can take that leads through the barricade just west of the Grand Lift.

    Without limitation, this method requires that the luches have gone through all the mazmorra of the enemies, in addition to a chief at the end.

    That’s all you need to know about how to activate the Great Dectus Lift in the Fire Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips and information about the game.

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