how the performance of Duke Nukem and Mr. Buttersworth

Count the three Easter eggs, two of which are the achievements of Duke Nukem and Mr. Buttersworth, for Serious Sam’s false vision.

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A guide to Easter eggs

The following sections show images of maps recorded for Serious Sam’s false vision that indicate the locations of the three “official” Easter eggs.
Two of them have experienced Steam successes:

Duke Nukem

Relax with the Duke.

Sr. Buttersworth

Meet Sr. Buttersworth.

And the third is random and is related to
the Portal complementary cabinet

Note: Easter Egg location data is derived directly from the editor included with SSBD.
Large flashes have been added to the maps to make it easier to see where the EEs are, including a reduced view of the maps.

E1M2: Public Library No: 1 – Duke Nukem

Southeast of the map, you’ll need to navigate a slightly hidden road between buildings to reach Duke Nuk’em and his bike.
Get there and unlock the “Duke Nukem” bonus.

E2M1: Path of Feast / Fear – Sr. Buttersworth

From the south beach, head north until you reach four jaulas on the east side of the map.
Get off the turtle to the far north, head east and find a path among the trees just north, then head straight east to the picnic area. This unlocks “Sr. Butterworth”‘s chances.

E4M1: Biologically Illogical – Companion Cube

This Easter Egg presents a very brief cameo from Portal’s Chell, who opens a portal and places the Companion Cube on the map using his portal gun.
Please note that this is not self-evident. The cameo takes place at the azar in one of four locations on the map. In some cases, walking further away from the locations is enough, but since the cube will produce a star when it disappears, you may want to reach it as well. Since all locations are associated with secrets, the descriptions are a little more detailed.

  1. It is located on the north side of the map in an enclosed passageway. Aim NE of the map, turn off the wall there, take the teletransporter to a small room, turn off the south wall, turn off the blue button on the floor, go south, turn through the space on the wall (to north ) to open the lock. gate to passage. The portal may appear in the farthest part of the passage.
  2. To get to the secret area with the four biomass, you must first attract the attention of a blue-clad scientist from the northern sector of the map. Then unlock the gate west of the central axis, take the transporter to the biomass area. Press the switch in biome SW, hope and then enter. The portal may appear here.
  3. On the northeast side of the biomass (see 2), go through the wall to a secret passage, take the teletransporter there to a previously closed room on the east side of the main aisle with lots of confusing traps. Turn off the blue floor switch to unlock the small living room on the SW corner. A portal may appear here, or more likely to pass the living room, the Companion Cube may already be there.
  4. Accessing the final location via a fake teletransporter located south of the exit activation area, the teletransporter will take you into a series of previously blocked rooms and a portal may appear there.

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