How many main missions are there in Stranger of Paradise

Stranger of Paradise allows an almost infinite renewal of the missions, but it is possible that you ask how much is going on in the game. We are here with a list of main missions in Stranger of Paradise before you can really start maximizing your personality.

How many main missions are there in Stranger of Paradise

There are 22 main missions to play before the story of Stranger in Paradise unfolds. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in the titles of the missions, and this way you can check where it is in the story.

  • A desperate struggle
  • Illusion at the end of the trip
  • In the memories
  • The arrival of a new trip
  • The journey begins
  • Audience with Dark Elf
  • Natural distortion
  • A familiar place
  • win memories
  • reminiscent of veneno
  • fire less
  • fantasies of the past
  • memories from the country
  • Record
  • Reminiscent of water
  • The fake warriors
  • Schemes of the past
  • Remember the hogar
  • The oppression of the whole
  • Extra material from paradise
  • the warriors of the accident
  • A tenso tour

Please note that In Memories and Dawn of a New Journey are not their complete missions. Also, all of these, with the exception of A Fraught Journey, can be rendered as much as you want.

The final mission has a mission level of 118. When faced with Chaos difficulty, the game’s first mission has a mission level of 130, so you may want to complete subsequent secondary missions with a lower difficulty to get yourself closer at team level.

Without a doubt, the severity of the mess is certainly not a bruise, and it is better to prevent it from drying out. If you are having difficulty, it can be helpful to learn how jobs work and whether you can increase the maximum job limit.

And if you have it, everything main missions you can find in Stranger of Paradise. Be sure to keep reviewing now that we have more guidance on how close the launch of Strangers of Paradise is approaching.

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