How big is the download?

Despite the lack of information from Sledgehammer Games, Vanguard players’ attention is slowly moving towards the launch of Season 4. Following the release of Season 3, many expect the next season of post-launch content to take place.

So far, we know that Zombies based on rounds are returning to Call of Duty along with Butcher as one of the three operators. Other than that, the information on what Sledgehammer Games will contain is minimal. If there is no information about the content, players will expect to hear information about Vanguard season 4 update size in the near future.

I say how amazing is the update of Vanguard season 4? Here’s all we know.

How awesome is the update of season 4 of The Vanguard?

At the time of writing (June 14, 2022) we do not know the exact size of the update of season 4 of Vanguard. The previous updates to start a boot period between 10 GB and 30 GB in size, ensuring that you have enough space on the hard drive of your PC or console.

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Information on the size of the update will often appear in a Call of Duty blog post describing what the season has to offer. Once we have found more information, we will share the latest updates for each platform.

Time for the start of season 4 of Vanguard

Similarly, Warzone, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have not yet revealed an official launch time for season 4 of Vanguard. Thanks to the battle for season 3, we can determine when the new season begins.

The current Battlefield has finally come to an end June 22, 2022, which means season 4 then begins. There is a good chance that this information is correct given that new seasons always begin when the current Battlefield ends.

What to expect in season 4 of Vanguard

As with other season updates, Vanguard Season 4 will feature at least one new multiplayer map, which is no doubt good news. Current rumors suggest that the USS Texas of Call of Duty World War II will return to the map group.

Along with a new or remastered card, a set of three new operators arrives at the turn of the season, in addition to three new weapons. Two of the weapons will appear on the battlefield in season 4, while the other will arrive as part of the current half of the season or during the second half of the season.

That’s all we know about the update size of Vanguard season 4. Visit our page for more information to get the latest news, filters and guides.

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