how and where to buy limited herrera stones 1 and 2

Piedras de herrería is an important resource in the Fire Ring, which will allow players to improve their weapons and shields. Unfortunately, finding them in the open world can be a slow process as players regain the intermediate worlds. In this guide we will show you how and where to buy unlimited herrería stones [1] y [2] and the Fire Ringso you can update your entire team.

Buy Herrería Stones at Elden Ring

You can purchase a limited number of Smithing Stones 1 and 2 of the Twin Maiden Husks, available at Roundtable Hold. Without delay, they must first offer a bell tower, specifically the Smithing-Stone Miner bell tower.

Purchase of Smithing-Stone Miner bell tower

The Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing object can lead to defeating the Crystalian Boss Fight at the bottom of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave or at the bottom of the Academy Crystal Cave.

Both locations are in the Liurnia of the Lakes area. Cueva de Cristal Raya Lucaria can be found on the northeast side of the region, while Cueva de Cristal de la Academia can be found after the ruins of Liurnia west of Academia Raya Lucaria.

The entrance is located on the western ledge below the academy itself, blocked by a devil status that you will need a Stonesword key to unlock.

Keep advancing through any of the cave systems, and eventually you will find a clash of crystal chiefs hoping to be dismantled.

We strongly recommend the use of a powerful high-HP summon to distract the crystal while receiving some hits, especially if you miss the Academy Crystal Cave, where you will have to face the Crystalians in time.

Carries bell bearing for Twin Maiden bodies

Now take a quick walk back to the Roundtable Hold and visit the Twin Maiden Husks a short walk from the round table room.

Smithing Miners’ Offer Bell Bearing will now be available [1]. ‘ Choose this option and now you can buy a limited quantity of Smithing Stone [1] y [2] always what they need.

Herrería sten [1] will cost 800 Runas, while Smithing Stone [2] cuesta 1600 runas.

buy herrería stone on the edges of the roof of the stone doncellas caras

That’s all you need to know about how and where to buy herrería stones [1] y [2] and the Fire Ring. For more tips, tricks and guides for FromSoftware’s epic role-playing games, visit our wiki or see more of our game coverage in the sequel.

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