Housemarque is in the early stages of developing a new IP

Ilari Kuittinen, CEO of Housemarque, said the studio was working on new intellectual property.

In Interview with VenturebeatKuittinen commented that “we’re in the early days of launching a new game, new IP, getting the concept ready. We’ll see what happens next.”

“We are the last dinosaurs to make arcade games (…) we tried our luck working in multiplayer games, because a few years ago it seemed like we had to create a yes or no multiplayer experience We tried and didn’t do so well.”

Harry Krueger, director of Returnal, comments that “we try to maintain this identity. It’s great that now games have grown and evolved so much that there is so much variety and diversity of gaming experiences. All can co-exist peacefully. Games can be played as a service. multiplayer, games with different sensibilities. Returnal is simply another voice. At this point, we are very proud of what we have achieved with Returnal and we are very happy to follow the same trajectory as a company.”

Housemarque signed the TPS roguelike Returnal last year (here you can read our review) after an expanded run of arcade games like Super Stardust, Nex Machina or Resogun.

In June, Sony announced the purchase of the Finnish studio.

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