Horizon Forbidden West – Level Up – how to get XP fast, use skill points and what is Aloy’s max level

Higher level Fr Horizon: West forbidden it’s a familiar process if you’ve played Horizon: Zero Dawn before, but this time around there are notable differences in the skill trees that are worth the pen to stand out.

As before, you’ll get XP for completing missions and certain actions; here we will explain to you how the level system works, how to get xp easily there how to use skill points to improve Aloy.

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Horizon: Forbidden West – level system

In Forbidden West, Aloy’s level does not affect most of her stats, unlike in many other games. Although you’ll gain hit points with level, Aloy won’t automatically do more harm. You will earn skill points each time you level up or complete a mission.

You can almost completely ignore the recommended play level for any of the main missions, but there are so many side activities in Forbidden West that you can quickly get some XP to make things easier.

With each level you gain and each mission you complete will give you skill points. In Horizon Forbidden West’s missions menu, you’ll see the amount of XP you’ll spend on each mission before you begin, in addition to skill points and other associated bonuses, so you can decide which ones to complete before.

How to get XP fast from Horizon: Forbidden West

In the early hours of the game, you can only progress with main missions, but once you reach the first ascent, side missions will appear.

Main missions will give you a steady amount of XP, but if you don’t do other activities in Forbidden West, you’ll likely get to a point where Aloy’s level is way below the recommended level for the next mission. As we tell you, there is nothing to avoid trying to continue with the main story, but clearly Horizon wants to explore its world, so it will give you many side missions.

Some side missions are unlocked only after meeting certain characters or after progressing with the main mission at certain points.

Secondary missions

Side missions prove to be good sources of XP, from just 1,000 to over 10,000 XP. Some side missions give you as much XP as a main mission, and the amount of XP is always the same no matter what difficulty you’re playing on. XP changes during missions, but in general, the secondary will give you enough XP and between 2 and 3 skill points per mission. Missions with a lot of XP have several phases.

There is a close relationship between the secondary mission and the main mission. Usually the main mission will take you to a feeling, where many NPCs will be waiting for you with side missions.

If you plan to reach level 30, for example, to pass the secondary levels, see that the XP requirement to reach the next level is much higher, so the secondary primary will not be as useful for leveling up .

If you’re having trouble advancing through the main story, there are a few side missions that match your current level, knowing that side missions also earn you skill points and especially weapons which can be very useful. We recommend that you accept all the side missions you find so that you can learn the ones that interest you the most in terms of XP, skill points and other available bonuses.

Rebel camps, registered

Clearing Rebel Camps will still earn you less XP than a side mission, but you will get 3 skill points. Scripts and Contracts will give you less XP, probably because they’re easier in general, but you should also put in the time to gain experience points quickly.


Like in Zero Dawn, completing Calderos will not only allow Aloy to hack a new type of machine, but will give you experience points. Without restrictions, due to the limited number of machines that can be hacked, its number is also limited. Also, they are very separated on the map, so it is much faster to complete side missions to reach XP.

Other activities, like hacking Cuellilargos or exploring ruins, will give you a fixed amount of XP (7,500 XP per Cuellilargo) that is quite playable, but very limited, like in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

How to Use Skill Points in Horizon: Forbidden West

Skill points are what you really care about in Horizon: Forbidden West with the best weapons. Skills are one of the biggest differences in how they play with Aloy.

Forbidden West has six skill trees: Warrior, Trampera, Cazadora, Supervisor, Infiltrator, and Machinist. Each skill tree corresponds to a distinct aspect of the game. War skills will help you in melee combat, infiltration skills will make it easier to move from here and there.

Skill trees come in different sizes, and the more advanced a tree is, the more points you’ll need to spend to unlock it. Also, in order to learn a skill, you must first unlock the connected abilities, so this is more of a cover than a tree.

The more advanced a tree is, the more points it will cost. Some skills can also be upgraded with better trees. You can upgrade your password more than once in order to find more, for example, or recover better health by using a jar.

Horizon: Forbidden also gives you new unlockable weapon abilities as part of the skill tree, as it allows ammo from explosives to explode to do more damage on impact.

Additionally, each skill tree has values, skills that you can equip and use with a combo button when Aloy has stretched a bar. For example, a value oil in Trampera’s ability tree allows Aloy to do more elemental damage until the measure is empty. It will be unlocked once you unlock three skills related to the valor icon in the tree and can be upgraded three times.

What is Aloy’s max level in Horizon: Forbidden West?

In Horizon: Forbidden West, Aloy’s level cap can go up to level 50.

Just as Forbidden West wants you to learn your skills based on your playstyle, you won’t be able to max out each skill tree in a single game. With 162 skills in total, you’ll have to make tough decisions to spend your points.

Leveling up will earn you XP points.

Good luck reaching the max level in Horizon: Forbidden West!


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