Horizon Forbidden West – Inventory Upgrade: How to Find Resources to Upgrade Bags

My inventory Fr Horizon: West forbidden divide into five Bags.

Bags determine how much of a certain type of item Aloy can previously carry. If you exceed the maximum, it will automatically be sent to your destination. To be able to carry more stuff with you and earn the best inventory trophy, you will need to craft bigger bags, backpacks, and loadouts.

In this guide, we will show you how upgrade each type of bag in the game and where you can find the materials to get it.

On this page you will find:

Bag Types in Horizon: Forbidden West

Each type of weapon, in addition to certain items, has its own bag in Horizon: Forbidden West. Each bag can be upgraded up to three times, and with each upgrade you can carry more than one specific type of item. The resource bag stores machinery parts and valuables for sale, for example.

You will automatically unlock each bag type the first time you unlock a new bag type or, in the case of food, when buying food from a vendor in an assembly for the first time. You will be able to see each bag and how many items can be stored at its current level by visiting a job bank.

How to improve your pockets in Horizon: Forbidden West

On the contrary, in the first game, now every best bag in Horizon: Forbidden West only requires a bit of metal and materials that you can pick up from animals.

Each bag can be increased up to three times. When level 3 is reached, you will be able to supply the maximum amount of that specific resource.

El booty animal has very different rarities, which you can identify by the color of the icon that appears after a background:

  • Common – White Icon
  • Down – Blue Icon
  • Very Low – Icono Morado

Skins are rare, feathers and animal shells are very rare, so you will need to make several bases to get the materials you need. The higher the level of a better, the fewer the materials needed for the next update.

The good news is that the animals you need to hunt to get these upgrades don’t seem particularly hard to find, as there are a lot more animals than in the first game. When you have the necessary materials, go to a job bank and select “bag upgrades” and choose the bag you want to upgrade.

How to Find Resources to Upgrade Your Pocket in Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West inventory upgrades can be obtained in two ways:


You will be able to find every type of animal in Horizon: Forbidden West in its natural habitat, so in certain environments you will be able to find certain of them more often. You’ll find jabies, squirrels, cones, and foxes in almost any forest, while pelicans will be on seaside beaches and owls are in the desert.

If you don’t mind memorizing it, don’t worry because Forbidden West has a useful tool for finding the necessary animals. The only thing you have to do is mark the resource you are looking for as a date.

To do this, go to a job bank, select the bag you want to improve and pulse Triangle to create an associated job.

The game will then ask you if you want this to be your current mission. When you have created the item, a small yellow icon will appear on the bag.

As long as the task is assigned, it will appear in the list of missions.

When a task is completed as an active mission, the game automatically calculates a location for the gear you’re looking for, where it is on the map, and shows you how to get there.

It’s not a perfect system, so you’ll always find animals where the map points, but sometimes you can find them in closer areas.

As long as you’ve set the best of the bag as a task, the mission menu will tell you what climates or environments you should be able to find an animal in, so even if you don’t want to follow the indicator, it’s a great helper.

Some animals like crabs and birds are more difficult to find than, for example, a jabalí. It can only be found in certain specific places, so you will not be surprised if the path to the territory of a concrete animal brings you a good rat.

When he catches, you can use your focus to see your catch clearly, especially small animals like mapache, and you can tag them so you don’t lose any size.

Purchases for hunters

In the larger halls, hunters sell limited quantities of common small materials, sometimes including rare animal parts.

To buy them, you will have to pay in scallops and valuable elements that can be obtained from animals, such as small skulls and feathers. If a hunter offers a type of gear they need, an icon will appear next to the word Resources in the shop menu.

Good luck in Horizon: Forbidden West!

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