Horizon Forbidden West – Door of Death Code: what is the banker’s door code

During The gate of death (the fifth mission of Horizon: West forbidden) you will come across a closed door that requires a coded.

If you want to fully explore the installation of [[Latopolis]]you will first need to unlock the door by entering the correct four digit code.

When the door is now open, you will be closer to completing the mission and finding a GAIA recovery file.

Below you will find it bank code and how to find it so as not to lose it in the laboratory.

Code for locked bunker door in Horizon Forbidden West’s Death’s Door mission

The code for the closed door in the Horizon’s Door of Death: Forbidden West mission is 7482.

This is the door you need to open and the code.

To find this code you will have to go to the section of the room where the closed door of the bunker is. You’ll find a collector there, and when you read it, you’ll find the four-digit number you’re looking for.

Divide the horizon: the West is forbidden!

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