Horizon Forbidden West – Cuellilargo de Arenas Cinabrias: How to restore console power and upgrade the first Cuellilargo

hack a Cuellilargo Fr Horizon: West forbidden you will find points of interest on Aloy’s map, in addition to the number of useful XP points and the number of skill points. That is, you will first have to climb the Cuellilargo.

El Cuellilargo de Arenas Cinabrias is the first of these impressive machines that you will find in the Forbidden West and, to reach it, you will have to climb a nearby satellite.

To do this, you will first need to find an energy cell to power restore power to the console from its own satellite.

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Where is the Arenas Cinabrias Cuellilargo in Horizon: Forbidden West

The first Cuellilargo you’ll find in Horizons: Forbidden West is in Arenas Cinabrias. For this you will have to go southeast of Barren Light to the Arenas Cinabrias desert.

Where is the Cuellilargo of Arenas Cinabrias.

The Cuellilargo can be observed walking in turn towards a solid satellite in the northern part of Arenas Cinabrias, just southeast of Cantollano. You will probably see Cuellilargo all the way to the area, after all it is particularly high.

How to restore console power and upgrade to Arenas Cinabrias Cuellilargo in Horizon: Forbidden West

To climb to the top of Cuellilargo in Arenas Cinabrias, you will need to collect electricity from the satellite console. First of all, the machines that are at the base of the structure should be dismantled. If you don’t damage these machines it will be more difficult for you to reach the top of Cuellilargo because you will tend to aggravate your attacks.

You need to break three machines in total: two level 11 Chatarreros and one level 16 Alasol.

We recommend going to the Alasol first, which you can easily separate from the two Chatarreros. As this machine is prone to ice damage, use ice bombs to turn it into the altered state and derail it easily.

For their part, Chatarreros are prone to electrical damage, so you will have to use the Aturdidora to get rid of them.

Strengths and weaknesses of Chatarreros and Alasoles.

After turning the machines, it’s time to start descending the stairs from the satellite base with an arrow.

Climb the stairs and walk to reach the platform with a console that, for now, you can ignore. Then climb the stairs to your right to reach the platform just below the satellite.

On the right side of the platform, next to the collector, you will find a ladder that goes down.

Go down another set of stairs and from the lower ridges, jump to the other side of the rails so you can easily access the energy cell.

Next, collect the Power Cell and carefully accidentally crash into the metal platform just below you.

Once it’s new on the ground, place the energy cell in the generator just below the satellite. You will therefore restore the electricity to the console which has gone so high before and you will be able to interact so that the satellite turns.

Climb onto the platform as you exit and from there climb a ladder that will take you to the area under the satellite.

Here you will find two cables that prevent the satellite from working completely. Fortunately, a pair of Aloy flashes will solve the problem.

All you have to do is take a last staircase to reach the satellite and from there reach the highest point of the structure. Expect the Cuellilargo to be almost lined up with your position, and when the time is right, plan towards the machine.

We recommend going to the yellow brackets on the sides of Cuellilargo’s head; these supports will allow you to move upwards and you will be able to get up. You can also jump and punch through Cuellilargo’s neck collar if he falls.

When you finally reach Cuellilargo’s head, hack the machine to expand a good portion of the map, including points of interest and the locations of the other four Cuellilargos. You will also receive 7,500 XP and 2 skill points for hacking Arenas Cinabrias’ Cuellilargo.

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