Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Tips for Beginners

This guide is for players who have not yet played the game Hood: Outlaws & Legends or are about to start.

Tips for beginners

Have a forged wise

  • As a wise man once said, “I will not meet you with the guards.” Being discovered by the guards has several consequences (apart from death).
  • The biggest is that you will probably be temporarily marked in red, which will allow the defeated enemies to see you from the entire map.
  • It will also activate a blockage which will cause the rattlesnake to and potentially catch it.

Asesinar is impressive

  • If you are agitated and behind a target, you will have the opportunity to kill it, almost immediately.
  • This is always a good option to remove protections without calling attention or using arrows / flags. Also works on players.

Throw stones to distract the guards

  • The bad address is the friend of all the blacksmiths.
  • If a guard looks in your direction, pick up a stone behind him so he can return and then approach you to kill him.
  • Without restrictions, we do not recommend trying it on players.

Work in a team

  • If not everyone can be together, then at least go in pairs.
  • If one of you is spotted by a guard, the other can come back and kill him quickly.
  • Many guards travel in pairs, and by moving together you can eliminate them both at the same time.

Feel your enemy

Information is power. Remember to mark your goals so that your entire team can see their position in a short period of time, including through the walls. Robin’s passivity makes your labels last longer than the others.

Explore your benefits

  • You secretly take refuge on the street, you can buy and choose your benefits.
  • These have a major impact on the strengths and weaknesses of their class.
  • Be sure to review them as they develop. For example, Robin has two benefits that increase his threat as a body-to-body fighter.

When the enemy thinks he has hit you close, you will not expect to strike. No doubt, as you can see, this has the cost of your ability to distance.

Master your unique launch

  • The object set for each character is unique and can be changed with benefits.
  • For example, Tooke has a toxic gas grenade that withstands resistance, but which with one advantage turns into a healing grenade for aliens.
  • John’s grenade can end up in a whole group of enemies if not taken care of, and Marianne’s humidity is invaluable if used tactfully.
  • These items are found in boxes distributed by the card.

Get rid of broken bones

Look for wooden poles with twisted strings around them. If they break up with Robin or Marianne, the body will collapse so you can go up (or down), giving your entire team a new path to follow.

Master your definitive ability

  • Each character has a maximum ability that, if used properly, can change the rules of the game.
  • Use Marianne’s invisibility to get out of sight, allowing you to kill the players in full view. John’s last gives him greater durability and infinite resistance, making him a powerful body-to-body fighter.
  • Once your final ability is set, the icon in the lower central part of the screen will light up. It will also indicate when you are currently being charged.

The fighter must be seen with time

  • Read your opponent and describe your squats, stops and attacks are key in body-to-body combat.
  • This requires at least patience. Sending spam to a league attack will not take you very far.
  • As body-to-body-centered characters you have a break, and as distant characters you have a squat.
  • Keep in mind that the parade defends itself against all attacks from a distance, and a body-to-body parade currently has to heal its opponent.

Place and dress the sheriff

  • Your first day is to meet the sheriff and then rob him.
  • Generally, they will patrol around the main fort on a map, and in return, the guards will follow it.
  • Be sure to distract or remove them, and then contact the sheriff in the background to secure the key.

Defend your luggage and games

  • Once you have opened the door with the sheriff’s key and you have locked the box, take it to one of the pull-out points on the card.
  • John and Tooke carry the suitcase faster than their colleagues in the distance.
  • A good way to protect your luggage porter is to have one or two people go exploring in front to remove any guards, and one or two are stuck on the porter in case of problems regretting.

Once it has reached the pull-out point, be sure to protect the two prison guards, who will be very vulnerable to the forbidden enemies. Embrace Marianne’s humus, protect against attack from a distance with your stop and lift the victory!

Handle the grating with care

Only John can lift the rastillo.

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