Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Map reference and tips

A complete reference (some) of the maps, along with some tips and strategies.

Map guide with tips

Map mechanics and general advice

Generation of maps and key points

  • The generation and extraction points are fixed.
  • The collection points (“boundary”) will be drawn from a limited number of ‘joints’ (and always fixed between them) or semiconductors. In the case of semi-theoretical capture points, the screens show all the main points; small variations will not be added for the sake of clarity (eg inside a house / just outside that house).
  • Some cards have over-the-top francotir positions; will be added when needed (with fragments and flakes of francotirador), according to our group’s personal experience. This will be very subjective, but it’s worth the pen to try it (even if you’re not playing as Robin, as an experienced freak on the opposite team can cause surprises for your teammates).



Flasher of francotirador

Extends the pecho

Selecting the correct extraction point can determine the outcome of the game, ensuring that both equipment work properly together and have approximately the same skill level.

  • Some maps have pull-out points closer to your “home”, and carrying the suitcase to that location may be the best strategy. Considering that most of these extracts have major drawbacks, in general “What devils does the enemy francotirador ahí up?” – It is not optional to keep control of the nearest fishing site, even if it means leaving someone there to protect it.
  • Included with balanced extraction points, the characters playing in front of those playing against the opposite team will affect the legs: Having Robin (s) able (e) works better with clear lines of sight (eg the northern andamio in the cemetery) . ) while the bushes and the small paths mean that a double Marianne would be destructive (for example, the southern garden in Cementerio).

Citadel – “Valle del León”

Global design

Summary of staff and strategies

  • Losing the box in front of the opposing team generally means “road trip”: having a John is practically mandatory on this card.
  • The point of recovery from the “bridge” is a last resort option: you will have no advantage here, any dying player will return quickly enough, and Robin can close the other side of the bridge.

Costero – “Caer Merthyr”

Global design

Summary of staff and strategies

  • The two “rock” extraction points are connected to the substrate on their respective sides, providing a fast and smooth route to the extraction.
  • Having at least one Robin is crucial: Even a cargo ship can prevent a complete team from pulling out if left alone. Some interesting points from francotiradores:

Cemetery – “The Rest of Gwydion”

Global design


Summary of staff and strategies

  • The starting points for the “rocks” favor the experienced Freemen: Staying in the streets means you can kill just about anyone on the North Terrace while being safe from retaliation.
  • The extraction points for “Jardín” favor prefabricated (and coordinated) equipment and body-to-body combat personnel (some say “Marianne”) due to the large amount of coverage and coverage.
  • The settings can be used to move without being detected and connect virtually the entire map: usable.

Marismas – “Newton Abbas”

Global design

Summary of staff and strategies

  • Losing the box in front of the opposing team generally means “road trip”: having a John is practically mandatory on this card.
  • Due to the large open areas and the excellent francotirador points, it is also a requirement to have a Robin: extraction in “Ruins” means that it is open season for any Robin that reaches the nearby bushes, and both extraction points this and this one has excellent francotirador points in the main area. walls (with lots of ammunition nearby, so do not expect it to remain without flashes).

Advanced Post – “New Barnsdale”

Global design

Summary of staff and strategies

It is useful to have a Robin on the walls, which means maintaining a catch point and being bullied for the opposite team: there is just as much view on the terrace as in the pull-out points. There are also a few towers on this site that offer excellent places for freelancers.

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