Home Sweet Home Survive: tips and tricks for Survivor and Specter

The game is in its first phase, so be patient with me if anything changes. Without further ado, here are some helpful things I learned during my gaming experience!

Useful tips and tricks


1. If you find weapons that can set the spectrum you do not need, you can use them away from ritual places or in open areas so that others can easily catch them.

2. There is a cascading technique where you can climb into a caster and leave just when the spectrum destroys it and does not receive damage. In the first levels it is easy to block, but be careful because the good spectators will know what you are doing and will treat it as smart (be smart, it is dangerous and should only be used as a last resort if you have a little energy). resistance / health!).

When using a respirator or fork, catch the glasses so that you get as close as possible before using them (do not wear them immediately!). This can make a big difference, so just waiting will get you back on track.

4. When using a sacred leash, it can be very helpful to place them in areas close to ritual areas or areas where they pass often (the central area of ​​the abandoned hospital / entrance to the lower areas of pantano). Do not use in small spaces that will inevitably suffocate unless your teammate is nearby and can report the shock as a result.

5. You can use pegs by pressing the V key! These can be useful so your teammates know if they are chasing you (my handkerchief) or if you have incense and do not know where a ritual place is (get the key item). It is possible that many people do not know about this, so it may be a little difficult to communicate, but intend to pass on the voice between other players (communication is the key in this game)!

Avoid jumping from the golden steps on the beach that lead to the beach area in the lower part. This area is a dead end for the survivors and if you do not know what you are doing you die very easily (this is also problematic because people will have a hard time resuscitating and will also tend to venture there to get sig). du alma). At the hospital I discover that when the golden needles are used, it is better to use them before possible, as sometimes you do not get hurt right away (do not expect and try to play with the mind, the spectrum can still hit the middle of the road). agujero).


At the first levels it may be easier to concentrate on something superfluous, but remember to PROTECT YOUR RITUALS! Always put pressure on the rituals and keep the superpowers going, but do not shift too much on the goals or loss of time.

As for the technique of the casillero mentioned above, be careful because there is an advantage that the survivors can use to stop it if it is parked right in front of a casillero so that it is playing in an intelligent way and predict the survivor (to those who go into the closets are in a panic, or if they go in too early, know that they are most likely to get that benefit; choose your game plan as a result).

3. When I focus on overhead as a spectrum, I find that getting a direct hit on the blade works in a more consistent way, aiming for the sides with less result in a fall (this is a bit unstable so ping can be unpredictable until there are multiple servers).

4. Shield techniques! It may be tempting to wear your shield early, but be patient! Many survivors can run towards you to strike with a weapon more easily, so they can try to find you in place to deflect your shield (good survivors can be treated by barking at you and not hitting, so be careful!). You can also use your shield to run through traps of sacred cords without damage, but use it with caution, which can be a waste of time in small areas where it will not go back or will have more entrances.

5. At the beginning of the game, it can be very helpful to frolic with doors and shutters on the walls to reduce the resources of the overhangs, but do not waste time doing this too much. There are some doors / clamps attached to the wall which are very sturdy (for example the blood covered toilet on the wall of the stairs on the second floor of the hospital, the entrances to the two large houses in pantano with ritual places). The more you play, the more familiar you become with these places.

6. When there are only two survivors left, it can be difficult to reach the last survivor that the engineers on the portal owe and how quickly they can open it. When you have two survivors, try to make sure that you both have some health, if possible, and if you play as Bella, keep your telecommunications transport to make it easier to access the last survivor. Many times there will be nothing you can do, but following these two steps will help you!

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