Hololive’s fan-made free game “Holocure”, which was popular with high quality, will be delivered on September 9th! Add a lot of new characters!

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Free fan-made game “HoloCure” with the theme of the popular VTuber group Hololive, the first major update will be delivered on September 9th


Here comes the update!

Please come to the smartphone version of Soshage

Kicha! ! ! September 9th!

Mikochi is coming at last! ! ! Mikomet is coming! !

oh oh oh oh oh
I’m wearing Splatoon 3 and the sun

I want to do it with my smartphone…

If you think it’s just Gamers, will the 0th generation also come?
But it’s covered with spray

God game too

God Game Horocure’s large update t and others!
Is it true that not only Gamers but also the 0th generation will come!
Yaruo PC Jururi Drool Delight

Fan-made and free with this quality… There are amazing people in the world.
Husband who does not do nenbutsu namu

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