Hitman Trilogy will arrive when Game Pass launches

IO Interactive has announced Hitman Trilogy, a recap of the three Agent 47 games created by this study that will be released this month: January 20. It will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and on PC through both the Epic Games Store and Steam.

This is especially good news for Microsoft users, since the game will be available at launch with an Xbox Game Pass subscription on both PC and Xbox.

The announcement was formed as part of a streaming made by IO Interactive with the motive of the first anniversary of Hitman 3, in which the content of the second year of the game is detailed.

On the other hand, the VR version of Hitman 3 for PC will be launched soon – in principle, this month. In addition, this month will also include the Hidden Arcade Objectives mode, a new game mode in which we will enclose the different contracts of these enemies, with additional modifiers, and will tend to complete as many of them as possible as follows .

Finally, it was added that the ray tracing function for the PC version will be added during 2022.

In our review of Hitman 3, we give it the Imprescindible seal, and tell it that “Hitman 3’s new locations, techniques, and stories are grand, comprehensive, and close to the IO Interactive trilogy.”

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