Hiroyuki donates a gaming PC where you can play “Photona” to a children’s home.

Hiroyuki Reveals Reasons for Donating PCs to Children’s Homes “As a Producer…”


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・Hiroyuki Nishimura, a former manager of 2channel, “Hiroyuki”, will appear on “ABEMA Prime” (ABEMA) broadcast on the 16th.We implemented a project to donate computers to orphanages and explained our intentions.

・At the beginning of the program, Hiroyuki’s project of donating computers to orphanages was featured. This is the second round, and the first round, which took place last year, donated 323 computers to 96 orphanages.

・Performance of PCCompatible with popular games such as “Fort Knight” and “Apex Legends”That’s what I’m talking about.

・Mr. Hiroyuki said, “I think there are a lot of people who don’t find computers interesting unless they use them as a starting point for games.”In order to get people interested in computers, it is important to make them compatible with gamesI explained.

・ (Why is it a PC instead of a tablet?) Mr. Hiroyuki said, “In the end, in the case of a tablet, it’s just a consumer who pays to use an application made by someone else.”

・Continuing, he talked about the fact that he could do things like programming and video production on a personal computer for free. He said that he chose a computer so that he could also work.

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