Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games, believes that the P2E model will be much more important in the long run in online gaming

The models play to earn (P2E) is not a new concept in the video game industry and will be more important in the long run, says the CEO of CCP games, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, in an interview with The Korea Economic Daily. Let’s remember that CCP Games is the developer behind EVE Online and was acquired by Pearl Abbey for $ 225 million.

“Players expect that the values ​​created from online games can also be used in real life. The content of online games should have practical values ​​in the real world,” he added. anniversary plans by spending the money they make playing video games. “

EVE ONLINE will not have P2E in the near future

“We have conducted studies related to NFTs and blockchain, which are based on a decentralized system similar to the operation of CCP Games. Without restrictions, it’s a little early for us to fully introduce NFTs or P2E, “said Petursson.” If the company introduces the P2E system seriously, it will be able to split players between those who simply enjoy the game and those who there is a focus on making money, which will complicate the dynamics between the two types of users, he added.

EVE Online was launched in 2003 with a well-known success with over 40 million users around the world, and where players can experience space exploration, player-against-player (PvP) or player-against-environment (PvE) battles while creating their own history in the space of a virtual world.

The company is also experimenting with non-fungal tokens (NFT) in its games. During its annual eSports event, Alliance Tournament XVII, held in November, introduced users to NFTs. After eliminating an opponent in a match, players could immortalize their winning moments in the form of NFT, and then collect and exchange said NFT in Tezos, a decentralized open-source blockchain platform.

CCP Games, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson

Play-to-earn is the future and everything that has happened. Businesses like Ubisoft he has already boarded the car with his Quartz project, and many others will not be late in making their first whim.

Do you think the same as Pétursson could be our future anniversary plan?

Source: Korea Economic Daily

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