Hi, the launch date for season 2 of Infinite has been announced

343 Industries has finally unveiled a launch date for season 2 of Halo Infinite, for the benefit of the community. Known as Lone Wolves, it is likely that the update will bring a large amount of new content to various aspects of the game. This update is something that many fans have been waiting for, especially since one of the main issues regarding the multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite is the lack of content.

Season 2 promises to show fans “new content that includes new maps, modes, themed events for a limited time and a brand new Battlefield that never fails”. From what can be seen in the trailer later, it seems that emphasis has been placed on specific vehicles and new cosmetics that are likely to be included in Battlefield.

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Release Date for Season 2 of Halo Infinite

We do know, however, that the season 2 update will not include desired features such as a collaborative campaign or Forge mode. The developers of 343 have said that these modes are not included in the launch to provide a fluid experience, although there is no actual chronology of when the modes appear in the game.

Halo fans, however, have wanted new content for some time, and it looks like Lone Wolves will deliver it. Fans will finally be able to fight on new maps with new weapons when Halo Infinite Season 2 launches on May 3rd.

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