Here is the top of the otaku who purchased guitars influenced by the anime “Bocchi the Rock” wwwwww

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Bocchi the Rock Bozzaro Influence Guitar Otaku Frustration Image related to Mercari-02

k-on shock is again

Most probably everybody will hand over with F and B ()
If you purchase a critical Gibson USA Les Paul or a Fender Telecaster, you may go to sleep (

It’s extra enjoyable to play jakajaka on grandma’s sooty acoustic guitar with out worrying in regards to the sound or the tune lol

Isn’t it too early to interrupt? Bocchi-chan has been taking part in the guitar for greater than three years ()

I need to have the ability to play the guitar, so possibly I can purchase it right now…

And the geek who buys this

The world line loner who offered his guitar and ate yakiniku (male)

What is Bocchi-chan!
After faculty, I did not hang around with anybody and performed the guitar on a regular basis!
I feel you are able to do it so simply! !
Is there such a thing as a husband!  !  !

This man who stated one thing like that can be an otaku who was influenced by Ok-ON when he was a scholar and stop taking part in the guitar as a result of it was too tough.
Husband who does & husband who doesn't do Husband who doesn't open mouth Husband who does sweat

Bocchi the Rock! 4 (full manufacturing restricted version) [Blu-ray]

Release date: 2023-03-22
Manufacturer: Aniplex
Category: DVD
Sales Rank: 26

Bocchi the Rock! 3 (full manufacturing restricted version) [Blu-ray]

Release date: 2023-02-22
Manufacturer: Aniplex
Category: DVD
Sales Rank: 228

Bocchi the Rock! 1 (full manufacturing restricted version) [Blu-ray]

Release date: 2022-12-28
Manufacturer: Aniplex
Category: DVD
Sales Rank: 245


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