Here is the ranking of the digital sales of video games from April 2019

Superdata show us the sales report for the different titles on each platform. Apex Legends continues to lose sales for the second time in my lifeActivation of capa caida, Overwatch y Hearthstone on all platforms has fallen by 39% over the past year. Mortal Kombat 11 has the best digital launch in the history of the franchise

Apex Legends continues to lose sales

The growth in digital sales on consoles compensates for the slow pace of sales on PCs. Consumers spent $ 8.860 million on digital games across consoles, PCs and mobile phones around the world in April, a 7% more than in the same month last year. Consoles, with a growth of 17%, were the fastest growing segment due to the constant change from combination channels to digital channels for complete video game devices.

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Overwatch and Hearthstone have lowered their revenue by 39%

Mortal Kombat 11 has the best digital launch in the history of the franchise. MK 11 sold 1.8 million digital devices through consoles and the PC in May, ahead of the 400,000 units of Mortal Kombat X in 2015, largely due to the increase in digital download speeds on consoles.

NBA2K leads to an increase in sales thanks to the NBA postponement. Superdata estimates that NBA2K sales grew 101% in April compared to last year, marking the largest growth rate in a single month that the franchise has seen since 2016.

Apex Legends is among the best places in the ranking of consoles and PCs. Battle Royale generated $ 24 million in April, representing a significant drop in my second term. Monthly revenue now accounts for more than a quarter of sales in the launch month, starting in February.

Overwatch y Hearthstone is still facing declines due to new content updates. Both titles recorded a sequential increase in total digital revenue since the release of new content, but still fell by 15% and 37% respectively last year. On a combined basis, Overwatch and Hearthstone’s digital revenue across all platforms has fallen by 39% over the coming year compared to the same period 2018.


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