[Hell]The 2nd One Piece card game “Summit Battle”, released today → The worst real summit battle begins with a large gathering of resellers at convenience stores…

Visiting one box with family mart
About 20 people are arguing in front of the cash register www

[1 carton]ONE PIECE card game summit decisive battle[OP-02]
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ONE PIECE Card Game One Piece Card Game 2nd Booster Summit Decisive Battle 1 Pack
Alex Japan Co., Ltd.()
No reviews

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War! stop it!

China Mercari market price
280,000 50,000 yen cartons sold
200,000 profit


I can’t really buy it
Even if you line up in the morning on the release date, there’s a limit of 4 packs
Card games that are too popular and outrageous

When I work the night shift at a convenience store, this kind of card
I can’t stand the annoying phone calls on the release date

↑The owner of Wai’s place has a policy of not taking care of troubles such as pocket cards
I can only take 1 box anyway due to order restrictions

Large group of resellers and
Just buy one box and you’ll lose 15,000

Grass in the double #top decisive battle


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