Hed Main unit – Simple hover guide for vehicles

The basic concepts for the creation of a stationary vehicle.

How to build a floating vehicle

RCS flotation / propeller pad placement

Liquid pillows

It should be placed in the lower part of its vehicle and cover sufficient surface to keep its ship stable, if its ship is turning outwards while taking a curve, the location of the buoyancy pad may not be close enough to the shores.

Propulsors RCS Propulsors

RCS will be the most important way to pull / direct the fun on your ship and should be located close to the front. the input is d / a on the keyboard and make sure to connect it to the rcs check / right of the propellers in the desleggerable menu. Liquid pillows La upholstery location flotantes en angle to the outside will greatly increase handling.

Main propulsion engines / forward drive

The main propellers can be placed almost anything and anywhere, but I like to keep them on the back, I like to use propellers for a smaller size and weight.


  • The impulses are configured to rise in W.
  • The air conditioners are configured to turn in S (if many are set to turn, it stops immediately).
  • Floating pads are configured to be removed with space (all floating pads must have this or not).
  • The RCS propellers are adjusted to the left / right id / a presses.

Impulses / impulses RCS Remember to change the strength of its modules / impulses RCS so it coincides with the amount of swing and acceleration you want.


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