Hearthstone will receive balance sheet changes on May 22nd

Blizzard will balance Hearthstone’s current meta tomorrow, May 22, 2019 with some changes to the multiple OP cards in the current expansion. The one who takes all the nerves will be Rogue, while the Token Druid, Conjurer Mage and Mech Hunter will not receive retouches.

Upcoming equilibrium changes May 22nd

Malhechor del MAL: Ahora tiene 4 p. Health (instead of 5).

Malhechor del MAL is a card that is believed to generate face value in subsequent turns, but the fact that this esbirro is comparable to 5 p. Of health, so the peaches do not sacrifice too much to prepare turn words. We wish Malhechor del MAL looked like a good option for mazos de pícaro, but now it has a power similar to the other cards available.

Assault team: It is now 4th of maná (n place of 3).

The Pickaxe class is on the verge of stealing cards, and is counting on another powerful card with this effect, which with good results on a regular basis has made the games with pickers not as satisfactory as we expected. With this change, we hope to be better able to represent the power of the card pile in a very concrete card subcontract.

Preparation: Now it says: The next thing that starts this tour will cost (2) fewer crystals.

All changes we make to the basic and classic collections are intended to maintain the good condition of Hearthstone a long place. Right now, Preparation is a very powerful letter that is present in almost all the archetypes of mazos of pícaro. We made a minor change so we wanted to reduce the strength of this card, but at the time, it seemed important to us that preparation was always a reasonable option because it still comes to perfection with the idea of ​​picaro class. This card is often used to reduce the cost of cards like Scratch or Scratch, and these interactions will not be affected. To reduce the price of the next hechizo in 2 crystals instead of 3, we open the door to create high hechizo hechizos at high cost without having to slow down to think they should be used in conjunction with preparation.

Archivist Elysiana: Now it’s 9 o’clock in the morning (instead of 8).

Our goal was to preserve the power and sensations of archivist Elysiana and at the same time complicate the strategy of putting him in the game several times in the same game. The class would probably be able to put this card into play several times thanks to the Espantagon, but this case is not as common or as problematic as with war mazos. Now playing Elysiana in combination with cards like Banker Master or Young Brewer Master no longer needed to be such a reliable strategy.

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Restore your Arcano powder

As with other changes, once these take effect, players will be able to discard the affected cards for their full value of Arcano powder for two weeks.


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