Hearthstone receives the final chapter of the fairy tale El Despertar de Galakrond

Blizzard entertainment pone en marcha el Last chapter of the ultimate adventure for a Year of the Dragon player in Hearthstone. In El Despertar de Galakrond you will play two adventures in one and get to know the story of Archivillano Rafaam’s master plan from the perspective of both bands. Now the battle has turned to Dalaran’s heart – where you can cut the tension with a knife!

What can we expect from Chapter IV: Duel in Dalaran?

After the air battle in Chapter III, the final confrontation is already underway and things are not going well for Archivillano Rafaam and the MAL League. Only one thing left to do …


In the chapter of the MAL League, players will be able to receive the following cards:

  • Vuelovil enloquecido
  • Team Bum
  • Observer of chaos and large lacaya Erkh

In the League of Expeditionaries chapter, players will be able to receive the following cards:

  • Bombarbot
  • Fugitive mana sable
  • Alfazaque of steel and Reno the Incredible

The fourth chapter of the League of MAL and League of Expeditionaries promotions is now on sale for € 6.99 or 700 gold. The package is also available The Despertaren from Galakrondwith all chapters, for € 19.99.

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