Harry Potter new work “Hogwarts Legacy”, which has turn out to be a worldwide increase, gross sales in Japan are 67,000 copies! It offered surprisingly! ?

[Software & Hardware Weekly Sales]“Hogwarts Legacy,” which helps you to discover the world of Harry Potter, takes the highest spot! “Nintendo Switch Sports” has offered over 1 million items in Japan[2/6-2/12]| Famitsu.com for the newest data on video games and leisure

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Sales rating introduced by Famitsu. This time, we’ll ship a abstract of estimated weekly gross sales of sport software program and {hardware} from February sixth to February twelfth, 2023.

Explore the world of Harry PotterOpen-world motion RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” debuts. 67196 offeredtook first place.

Top 10 estimated software program gross sales

1st place (first look) PS5 Hogwarts Legacy
67196 (whole of 67196) / WB Games / February 10, 2023

2nd place (earlier 1st place) Switch Pokemon Scarlet Violet
29019 (whole of 4,836,510) / Pokemon / November 18, 2022

third place (2nd place final time) Switch Splatoon 3
13,343 (whole of three,876,184) / Nintendo / September 9, 2022

4th place (third place final time) Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
11,807 (whole of 5,153,979) / Nintendo / April 28, 2017

fifth (earlier sixth) Switch Minecraft
7,566 (cumulative whole of three,040,308) / Microsoft Japan / June 21, 2018

sixth (earlier 4th) Switch Fire Emblem Engage
7267 (whole of 193,187) / Nintendo / January 20, 2023

seventh (earlier seventh) Switch Nintendo Switch Sports
7127 (whole of 1,001,330) / Nintendo / April 29, 2022

eighth place (eighth place final time) Switch Mario Party Superstars
5155 (whole of 1,175,091) / Nintendo / October 29, 2021

ninth (earlier thirteenth) PS5 Gran Turismo 7
5065 (whole of 280,995) / Sony Interactive Entertainment / March 4, 2022

tenth place (ninth place final time) Switch Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL
5025 items (whole of 5,121,897 items) / Nintendo / December 7, 2018

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little www

What was the thrill of SNS?

Are you silly sufficient to purchase Harry with out it?

Even Elden Ring had loads of pleasure for 3 weeks.

60,000 in PS is a feat

The standard one which sells solely abroad

Seriously few

↑ Is it as a result of there are loads of guys who do not have a ps5?

Earth Defense Force 6 68,000
Manufacturer introduced 300,000 (DL included)

↑Is the Earth Defense Force a giant title like Harry Potter?

It’s often a package deal, however I purchased a DL model that may be executed 3 days in the past.

188,000 Elden Ring (PS4)
*90,000 Elden Ring (PS5)
*67,000 Hogwarts Legacy (PS5)

Even Elden, which was launched similtaneously PS4, misplaced

Why are there 60,000 copies of the software program when the PS5 sells 2 million items in Japan?
Do you actually have a PS5?

Hogwarts is very well made
But once I go outdoors, it is a UBI stage

I laughed when all of the distributors began doing this suddenly
At the start there have been fairly just a few numbers, however
It’s getting tragic now
I do not see it over and over

Well, actually, I feel PS5 did a greater job.
It would have been much more superb if it simply got here out on the Switch.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy Sales related image-03

enamel?It’s unattainable to recreate Hogwarts completely with a Switch…
Well, I feel it will have been good to promote a little bit extra, however I’m anxious in regards to the variety of DL variations.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy Sales related image-04
Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition[Reservation bonus]DLC Onyx Hippogriff automobile & recipe for magic potion “Felix Felicis” included Dark Magic Battle Arena & Thestral Vehicle)[ Exclusive]DLC “Astronomer’s Hat” Delivery-PS4

Release date: 2023-04-04
Manufacturer: WB Games
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 88

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy Sales related image-05
Hogwarts Legacy No Pre-Order Bonus – PS5

Release date: 2023-02-10
Manufacturer: WB Games
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 1


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