Harry Potter meets The Witcher 3 with the Mod Invisibility Sheet

The character is probably not the type of game tactic that first comes to mind when you think of The Witcher 3, that Geralt de Rivia is generally the type of protagonist who prefers to attack his enemies face to face with the sword in hand.

Without hesitation, if you prefer to play the game in a way that resembles the archers and assassins ridiculously dominated by Skyrim, that is, you will be pulled into a stable position while your wheels supply the foot to avoid dangerous bullets and approach you the enemies just as quiet. , a new mode can help you do just that.

Get ready to earn a living and live happily knowing that you are not giving money to the right writer, for Harry Potter’s invisibility sheet has arrived on the continent.

The white wolf becomes the transparent wolf

That mod is called “Invisibility sheet” by modder milckywayy and makes that item available for purchase at three different retailers.

To get there, you will want to take to the residence of Novigrad Herrero Éibhear Hattori, the grand master of the Beauclair Lazare Lafargue or the Ofieri grocery store located in the windmill near Miller’s Lake.

Since the last two add the game through the Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone expansions, you obviously need to have these DLCs installed in order to purchase the cover.

Once you have acquired the sheet, which will cost you a small fortune of 10,000 kroner, you will be able to return the invisible equipment, with the color of the world, so that it coincides with your new condition, as shown in the video below. glasses

While in this state, enemy enemies will generally not be able to detect, which will allow you to approach bandit camps without warning anyone until they have decided you are ready to attack.

The helmet can also be equipped in the middle of the battle, allowing you to escape from battles that do not work as well as expected, making it an item strong enough to add to your arsenal.

Speaking of his arsenal, it’s possible he will add something more than the cover, as milckywayy has made a host of other modifications over the years, bringing weapons from a number of other franchises to The Witcher 3.

Some notable features include elements such as Leviathan hacha from God of War, Katana Black Unicorn from Cyberpunk 2077 and, of course, the obligatory lightsaber from Star Wars.

So pick your favorite weapon, install it, and also make sure to follow up to get more updates on the upcoming Witcher game as we learn more about it.

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