Harmonix and NCSOFT are preparing a new title for PCs and consoles

The creators of Rock Band and DropMixHarmonix Music Systems and the creators of Blade & Soul and Lineage, NCSOFT enters into a strategic partnership to develop and launch a new software-based game. Still in the early stages of development, the next title is expected to go on sale on PCs and consoles.

Harmonix and NCSOFT are preparing a new title aimed at a musical

NCSOFT will assume the publishing responsibility with Harmonix centered on game development. Details of the project will be available in the future as long as development continues.

“This association is representative of NCSOFT’s ambition to go further into the PC and mobile MMORPG field with new and innovative titles,” said Dr. Songyee Yoon, President of NCSOFT. “Harmonix’s decades of experience in the intersection between music licenses and the development of video games are second to none, and we can’t wait to present its next project to the world.”

“We are fascinated by NCSOFT as an editor who shares our vision of the development of entertainment and what is needed to build a community on modern gaming platforms,” ​​said Steve Janiak, CEO of Harmonix. “NCSOFT’s excellent reputation as a partner, combined with its incredible editorial experience, means we can focus fully on the development of our next musical experience. I’m pretty sure it will help deliver what I really think will be a unique game ”.

The affiliation with Harmonix is ​​the last high-profile association that NCSOFT has established in recent years and is part of the company’s current strategy to expand its presence in the digital entertainment space. Follow recent investment of approx. $ 19.7 million (22,000 million Korean won) in the VFX studio ‘4th Creative Party’ (Okja, Snowpiercer) and other third-party game developers, including This Game Studio. NCSOFT’s third associations complement the growth in its first phase and external acquisitions, which include the establishment of mobile studios focusing on Iron Tiger Studios in 2015.

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