Hardspace: Shipbreaker: How to easily get rid of your problem

This simple guide will teach you how to get rid of your doubts in a few simple steps.

Guide to getting rid of debt

So you are in doubt about $ -1,252,594,441.91


Initially, it intends to join a syndicate. This can be anything from IWW to local syndicates. If there are no syndicates that they can join, intend to syndicate their workplace, work with their colleagues, but maintain superiors’ fidelity, companies already have a history of violent syndical repression (like Pinkertons, who murdered the syndicate organizers at Amazon ). generalized anti-syndical propaganda.

  • There is a syndicate that already exists.


  • Syndicate your workplace.


Sabotage is the collective retreat of efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, sabotage in relation to the workplace is not the destruction of the means of production, but a pensioner who is conscious of efficiency. This is done with the intention of forcing the employer to accept the terms of the workers. The key requirements for saboteurs are shorter working days, more reasonable wages and safer working conditions. But ultimately it is an impulse for the means of production to be the collective property of the workers.


Strike Action is the syndicate that collectively decides to refuse to work until their demands are accepted. This requires the remuneration of the entire workforce, and those who continue to work in every way, at least their “squares”. This is the next natural step if sabotage does not work. Already the financial pressure from the entire workforce left to work has already shown what it does at the company.

In addition, the biggest tool in the syndicalization belt is the General Strike, which is a large-scale strike, in collaboration with several syndicates, which are striking either in cooperation or in solidarity.


Now, anytime in this process, you will probably face the police. The police are the state’s monopoly on violence, and its function is to punish poverty crimes and opposition to neoliberal capitalist hegemony. The police have access to tools that are banned in international conflicts and that should definitely not be confronted with their terms.

A quick and fun guide on how to confront the police during riots is the short game Colestia: They Came From A Communist Planet, but you should definitely consider other police strategies and how to stay safe during riots.

The biggest advantage you and your companions have over the police is your numbers. And as with any other violent rambuk that scares your widow, pursue them.

Dismantle capitalism and the state

The main points of capitalism to be abolished are:

  • Latifundism, the idea that anyone can own the land.
  • The state, a structure designed to restore the population and make the status quo a reality.
  • Employment, the exaltation of labor.
  • Systems of intolerance, systematic repression of groups to produce cheap workers.
  • Distribution not according to need, but according to economic power.

Dismantling and dismantling these systems and reusing them with mutual assistance structures and community-centered efforts should be the ultimate goal of its movement.

The end

Congratulations! Now you are free from your debt of $ -1,252,594,441.91, now living in a world without money, without classes, anti-work, possessive, anarchist, built on the principles of solidarity and human need instead of economic gain.

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