Hajime Shacho announces the horror game “Kaminagashijima ~Rinne no Miko~” that he participated in the production of two years ago! “I realized a game that I genuinely wanted to make.”

Hajime Shacho announces a smartphone game that he participated in the production Pursuit of “a game that I genuinely want to make” for more than two years


According to the article

“We’ve finally come to the announcement…” said Hajime Shacho. “From two years ago, I started developing games,” he reveals.

Hajime Shacho was involved in the production of the new app game “Kaminagashijima ~Rinne no Miko~”, whose production presentation was held today. You can check the details of the production presentation here. According to the press release, Hajime Shacho participated in the project.

This work is a new game jointly developed by LiTMUS Co., Ltd., Aiming Co., Ltd. and Kodansha Co., Ltd.

Around September 2020, Hajime Shacho received an invitation to “make a game together.” Hajime Shacho, who is known as a big game lover, has posted nearly 1,400 live game videos on the subchannel “Hajime Shacho 2” (2.83 million people).

The main elements of this work, “horror” and “beautiful girl”, were decided by Hajime Shacho’s idea, and he was really involved in the production “from scratch”. Hajime Shacho commented, “This is a game that I want to make purely, this is a game that I like, and it is a game that has been realized through discussions with purely words like that.”


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