Hacker Gary Bowser was sentenced to more than three years in prison

Nintendo platform hacker Gary Bowser has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for distributing and selling devices intended to promote piracy.

The sentence establishes that Bowser will have to serve forty months in prison. Bowser’s lawyers had demanded that the sentence last only nineteen months, while the tax authorities increased it to five years. In the end, he stayed one point in the middle for almost three and a half.

The US government is suing for a longer sentence due to the high notoriety of the case, which is basically what it wants notice for other criminals.

Bowser has already been fined four and a half million dollars for this case. In addition, he also agreed with the taxman to indemnify Nintendo of ten million dollars for the civil case in which he confronted the Japanese company.

The pirate worked within a group, Team Xecuter, which sold millions of dollars worth of devices allowing the use of pirated video games on various Nintendo consoles.

With the case against Bowser closed, the US tax authorities are now in the process of bringing to justice the two hacker accomplices, Max Louarn and Yuanning Chen, who are now all on the run from justice.

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