Gundam’s new work “Mercury Witch”, more pros and cons than expected due to political correctness work

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Gundam Witch of Mercury Image related to political collection-02

You’re the witch of Mercury, don’t you have a political correctness…

Witch of Mercury is a girl protagonist
It exhilaratingly knocks down a man who treats his fiancee as a trophy, so even the political correcters can’t help but smile.

I saw episode 1. I was about to tweet “Political Collection is the best!!!!! Political Collection is the best!!!!!!”

Political correctness, a premonition that seems to be the personification of feminism.
So don’t tell me.
If you let Okochi write the screenplay, you’ll be disappointed.

I’m a little worried about how the political correctness element will fall
If this is boring, it will be blamed on political correctness

This isn’t a witch from Mercury, it’s a witch from Political Core~

It’s okay if there’s another political correctness
Just because the femme who uses it as a stick is disgusting

I’m worried that the disgust of femmes who beat me as a stick will turn into a dislike of the work.

There are guys who are excited about the yuri element in Twifemi and guys who are maddened, and I don’t really understand

It looks like it will be a work with a lot of modern messages.

Female protagonist with reddish brown hair
Abolition of skirts in uniforms that do not show body lines
Forced fiancee decisions by strong patriarchy
DV man’s trophy wife remarks, same-sex marriage, etc.

It’s because the first episode included a political correctness tutorial.
I don’t like this, but it’s becoming a topic
Gundam Witch of Mercury Image related to police collection-03

For the time being, if you simply consume it as a yuri anime, you may be scolded.
Personally, I’m paying attention to how the political correctness element affects the evaluation of the work.
Husband who does not do counter front


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