“Gundam Witch of Mercury” Consideration Gachi-san, you will arrive at the truth that is too dangerous…


as a major premiseSleta and 12 othersand eachSouls are contained in the aerial body and 11 GambitsIf so, it makes sense
this islikened to the 12 apostles of Jesusit is conceivable that.in shortThe 13th, Sleta, is Judas Iscariot, and it is implied in the scenario that he will betray Jesus Prospera.

The name Prospera is derived from the Terran word prospera, which means “to appease the gods.”In ancient times, it meant offerings and sacrifices to the gods, but in Christianity,It refers to the very act of Jesus Christ being crucified to bear the sins of others.

The proof above all is the name of Sureta.It is quite possible that the clones were named Aletta, Iretta, Uletta, Eletta, Oretta, Caretta, Kiretta, Cretta, Keretta, Coretta, Saletta, Siretta, and so on, with Sletta being exactly 13th.

Gundam Witch of Mercury Thretta Mercury Consideration Eva Aerial Image related to identity-02

Alphabet order is grass

At the end I suddenly became depressed

Thinking about things like this all day life seems to be fun

isn’t it the alphabet?

I feel like it’s something more different than a clone
Although it should be easy to understand from Gundam

In fact, the sletter is a disposable tool that is not loved at all by her mother.
The mother only thinks of Christa in Aerial as her daughter
In contrast, Mioline was insanely loved by her father.
While pretending to treat my daughter as a tool, I put my daughter’s happiness first.

pull series chaunen kara

Eva’s ripoff

I still can’t say anything about whether or not Sureta is aware that he’s taking people into his machine.
I’m just saying that it’s family and everyone, so you understand

Poor person in charge of bits that look like square cookies that stick to your shoulder

Halfway through, I was like, but at the end, grass

Certainly the time series in the work doesn’t match
Is it almost certain that Sureta isn’t her real daughter?
yaruo pc sweat hmm hand on chin

I can’t imagine a world-famous Gundam making such a deliberate foreshadowing!
Push the mislead theory!
Husband who does not do both hands denial

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