Guild Wars 2: tips and tricks to get you started

Before you play Guild Wars 2, you definitely want to know these simple but useful tricks and tips. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • The elaboration will give you levels very quickly. You can only select two occupations at a time, but you can change them for a rate in the game.
  • The two “easiest” occupations are cooking and jewelry.
  • The world-to-world pvp will not give you much experience, you can start at level 1, but it is better if you jump around at level 10 or 30 (depending on how strong the person is, as they ask).
  • The normal pvp found in Niebla can generate 5 to 8 bags of tramonedas very quickly if you do not make money efficiently.
  • Carry the keys to your suitcase for world events. They like to draw most of the good into them and you can match with the opportunity to get specific equipment for the event.
  • Abuse of the trading post / auction house to get gold. Make custom purchase orders and try not to buy things at a price if you can avoid it.
  • Buy the gems on the Trading Post Save Exchange in the week when it is at its lowest point. You can make money by buying gemer during events (alternatively not buying gemer during an event).
  • You can telecommunicate freely with the waypoint system. The price at which scale measures below the level.
  • The submarine battle uses its own barbell and its skills. Do not forget to set the skill line.

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