Guide to Chapter 10 of the Triangle Strategy ‘In the Shadows of Suspicion’

Triangle Strategy is a brand new tactical role-playing game that has just been launched exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and it has a beautiful HD-2D graphics style that helps give it a modern look, while retaining its retro-sensitivity from the SNES the era is preserved. The game also presents a detailed narrative where your decisions can shape the way the story unfolds and things can get particularly complicated when you get to chapter 10. With the title In the shadows of suspicionhere’s a quick guide to help him get through Chapter 10 of the Triangle Strategy.

Guide to Chapter 10 of the Triangle Strategy

In this chapter, Serenoa and his group have the opportunity to gather enough evidence to charge Sorsley Ende with participating in bribery and illegal salt trading. First, it’s important to keep in mind that no matter how much or how little evidence you gather, there’s no way to infiltrate the Sorsley camp to steal your secret account book.

The chapter will always end with Serenoa going to court, but the amount of evidence that will be presented will determine whether it is that difficult or easy to answer the questions of the Seven Saints.

All the evidence must be gathered

  • Talk to Lyla, who is parked at Nordporten.

    She will give you permission to view her secretary’s diary if you find it.

  • Go to the house just below it and examine the shelf to find the diary.

    Exam to learn about Sorsley bribery.

  • Then go to the house below where you end up and talk to the woman.

    She will tell you about the disappearance of a mysterious sender.

  • Talk to the northern guards next to Lyla.

    The guard will tell you that Exharme is busy and that you are writing a letter if you have anything important to say.

  • Go south and talk to the seller to get a copy and paper.

    the strategy of the triangle chapter 10

  • Go north and talk to the guard to send your letter to Exharme.
  • Talk to the guards at the fountain.

    When you have the opportunity to ask a question, select the second dialog option.

    the strategy of the triangle chapter 10

  • Talk to the guard who is outside the house just below the entrance to the Fountain.

    I want to tell you he’s looking for a refugee.

  • Talk to the man standing to the west, looking toward the house of the one who has just arrived.
  • He came back and talked to the guard outside the house a second time and said he saw the refugee coming out of town.
  • Talk to the new man who is lame to the west, then go into his house and talk to him to learn more about Sorsley.
  • Talk to the store owner who is in the north, just below Lyla, and then select the dialog option that is unlocked.

  • This will allow you to gather all the necessary evidence against Sorsley, including information about his bribe to Glenbook employees and the existence of the top secret book.

    Once you have retrieved all the items you can find in this area, press the + button to finish your exploration and continue with the story.

    And that’s what he did for us Guide to Chapter 10 of the Triangle Strategy. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver for more tips and information about the game.

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