Guías Cómo obtener la montura FFXIV Mandragora en 6.2 August 19, 2022

To those who ask cómo conseguir la mountura FFXIV Mandragora, let’s cover Si har querido montar una de las cebollas sensitives desde los viejos tiempos de romperles el cranio en La Noscea, ha llegado tu momento. Mandragora may have been a minion cheesy all this time, but the island sanctuary’s minion retreat has converted this classic into its next attraction.

Next, we will do our duty and list how to get the Mandragora mount from Final Fantasy XIV in the fastest and simplest way possible. And since there are three different versions of the thing, we’ll also split the lot into its own easy-to-read sections.

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Cómo conseguir la mountura FFXIV Mandragora

We won’t know for sure until the Island Sanctuary minigame launches with FFXIV 6.2, but we’re sure the Mandragora mount will come from there.

Mostrada durante la ultima carta en vivo del producer antes de que llegara el parche, la montura Mandragora apareció durante el segmento de Island Sanctuary, lo que suguete que séría una warda there. Also during the broadcast, the developers gave a look at the menu of rewards available in Island Sanctuary.

We don’t know how to raise the only money needed to buy the Mandragora Mount before the big day, but we do know how to get it. Come back to consult the parche day for all the details.

Cómo conseguir la mountura Principe Cebolla FFXIV

When the parche page appeared on the official site, they also presented us with a picture of two other Mandragora mounts. El Príncipe de Mandragora is one of these, and it is another of the Mandragora squadron that arrived for the first time as a group of subjects after an old chain of missions.

Al igual que la montura Mandragora estándar (technically La Reina Mandragora), obtained esta simply intercambiando 12,000 de la moneda Island Sanctuary.

Cómo obtener la mountura FFXIV Egg Knight

If you haven’t guessed yet, you can get the Egg Knight mount the same way you get the Onion Prince and the original Mandragora mount. La vista previa mostró los tres debajo del ultimo en el showcase de Island Sanctuary.

Mientras tengas otros 12,000 de la moneda del minijuego a mano, también puedes obtener este. De hecho, puedes comprarlos en el order que quieras. Consíguelos todos, or simply consigue tu favorito.

Where to buy items from Island Sanctuary

To change the money that it costs so much to earn some mounts from the Island Sanctuary, just climb the stairs and enter the cabin near the construction guide that will be used to configure the island.

En un escritorio allí arriba you will find an orchestrator, a supplier of materials that will be used there, and a merchant who will exchange money for prizes, including Mandragora mounts.

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