Guías Cómo inspectar armas en Modern Warfare 2 August 25, 2022

The weapon inspection has become a fundamental element of the Call of Duty franchise. La mecánica simple allow en los players can view more de cerca en sus plans and artículos cosmeticos favorites. The feature did not appear in Vanguard until the launch of Season 2, much to the dismay of the community.

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 is on the horizon and with the Call of Duty Next event presenting a full multiplayer reveal, that means we can get the first look at how to inspect weapons.

Before sharing more information on weapons inspection, check out our other guide showing the Modern Warfare 2 weapons list to take a look at the arsenal expected to arrive in multiplayer mode.

Modern Warfare 2 weapons inspection

The information about the weapon inspection of Modern Warfare 2 has not yet surfaced, but thanks to Modern Warfare 2019, we can guess how the players can see more about the new arsenal. This is the method that will likely be used in the new game:

  • If you’re using a PlayStation or Xbox controller, simply press the D-Pad to the left.
  • For mouse and keyboard users, press the I key.

The key I is not far away from other important keys. We recommend moving it out of the way so there is no chance of accidentally pressing it during intense shooting.

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Can you inspect weapons in Modern Warfare 2?

It’s not clear if you can inspect the weapon in Modern Warfare 2, but with the beta coming within a few weeks, players will quickly find that Infinity Ward has included the feature.

As we hear more information, we’ll update the guide with everything we need to know.

Modern Warfare 2 beta start date

The beta version of Modern Warfare 2 begins el 16 September 2022 con la apertura de primera semana exclusively for users of PlayStation. For Xbox and PC where you can use a version of multiplayer temprana and a semana después 22 September 2022.

That’s all we know about inspecting weapons in Modern Warfare 2. For more information on the next title by Infinity Ward, check out our guide showing the maps of Modern Warfare 2.

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