Guías Cómo conseguir a Satanás en Soul Hackers 2 August 20, 2022

Aquí hay un vistazo a como fusionar a Satanás en Soul Hackers 2… Or no. Todos queremos a los demonsios más fuertes y formidable de nuestro lado, ¿verdad? Entonces no busque más allá del mísmísimo Satanás literally. Es decir, en menos que simply no puedas.

Satan appears in most Megami Tensei games and is the final goal of many players. In a movie questionable by Atlus, the overriding ground breaking explanation for a muro-pago is for Soul Hackers 2. Parece que Ringo won’t be able to easily lay hands on Satan’s unless the players put their hands on their pockets.

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How to get Satanás in Soul Hackers 2

In a strange commercial decision that has left many gamers with a bitter taste, Atlus has decided to launch a DLC pack containing eight additional demons. Satan is one of these DLC demons, meaning that paying an additional fee in addition to the game itself is currently the only way to unlock the basic demon. The others are:

  • Tzitzímitl
  • anahita
  • Armaiti
  • The Zaou Gong
  • Némissa
  • well
  • Masakado

In the same way as the DLC, the primary conference of todos estos demonsos será gratuita og luego podran fusedarse en el Cirque du Goumaden.

¿Puedo fusionar a Satanás en Soul Hackers 2?

There is no access to the fusion until you purchase the DLC pack that contains it. Luego, podrás fusionarlo con otros demonsios or usar a otros para crearlo.

The last Megami Tensei game to feature Satanás was Persona 5 Royal. No se incluyó en Shin Megami Tensei V en 2021. Para fusionar a Satanás en Persona 5, los jugadores debianar el Confidente del juicio, Sae Niijima, para unblockar la recipe, que es un buen ejemplo de su fuerza en la batalla. No encierras demonios debiles derás de requisites complicados que normally only se alcansan towards the end of the game.

The fusion to create a Satan’s request for alguna Personas de nivel supper alto like Michael, Abaddon o Raphael, and elements like the Soul of Scone or the Emperor’s Amulet. These angelic demons are still not seen in Soul Hackers 2, so we are not sure what the recipe for fusion will be with Satan.

What other DLC is there for Soul Hackers 2?

There are a lot of DLC packs coming to Soul Hackers 2, all available since day one. The DLC cosmetics include:

  • Fashionable swimwear
  • Atuendos de Persona 4 Yasogami High
  • Atuendos de Persona 5 Shujin High
  • Atuendos de Shin Megami Tensei V Samurái
  • Atuendos de Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
  • Atuendos by Soul Hackers

There are other tres DLC, que son el paquete de demonios mentioned earlier, a new story called Lost Numbers that introduces a new summoner called Nana and a series of reinforcement items that include money in cash and XP. There is a free DLC available for all players that has an extra hard configuration and some useful items.

Soul Hackers 2 is almost here and we have some guides to help you immerse yourself in the world of Aion. See how to get more demons in your party and some tips for Soul Hackers 2 beginners to get started.

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