GTA Online’s fast food menus make players eat burgers and chicken

Whatever you do in GTA Online, it can be easy to whet the appetite that the game’s consuming machines simply cannot satisfy.

Once you have a grudge, try to impose an role on an aggressor or defend an aggressor, you become an impossible position, so your concentration is redirected to what you need to maintain, instead of who is separated.

This is probably what provoked that a GTA player would recently find himself in a fast food place and take a look at the menu, just to be amazed at what he found.

GTA players believe that Cluckin Bell provides the ideal fuel for backwaters

The thread about this event on GTA Online subreddit started with that user, HeyYoDeimos, sharing a picture of them on the drive-thru of a Lucky Plucker restaurant with the subtitle: “Has the menu ever been deleted?”

Several friends replied that it did, and the user Opening-Canary-3099 said: “I met with this the other day and actually read the whole menu” and celinesnightmares asked where the restaurant could be found, probably to make it possible. same.

Others will quote what they can only assume are their orders from the southern Los Santos food parade, where the user wakes up to say: “start your day with fresh eggs and chicken” and suatkelem shouts to Big Smoke to ask: “two numbers 9, one big number 9, number 6 with extra sauce, number 7, two number 45, one with cheese and a big gal ”.

Without hesitation, some were not humorous about fast food, with one user saying, “I personally came across the chicken and fish sandwich, they took the opportunity to say gallo again, but they did not” and egap420 added: “did not cry for thank you “.

On the other hand, some players were invited to enter an iconic restaurant with previous GTA games, and user DreamWarrior90 said, “We should be allowed to go to restaurants like Cluckin Bell like in San Andreas. Listening to the worker say ‘I hope I drowned a jar’, continues to be funny and strange ‘.

The ThemePark user added this suggestion: “It was (one) of the best (things) to play GTA IV. You can go to Burger Shot, Cluckin Bell or a hot dog stand and buy something to eat”.

So start thinking about what the menu will look like to be loaded, and be sure to follow along to get more updates on GTA Online in the way new content is released, possibly with Michael in the lead role as a solo player.

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