GTA Online players talk about the best buy for “ease of life”

Life as an intellectual writer of crime in GTA Online can be difficult, so it’s important to make a purchase with some practical inexperience from time to time, just to make sure it does not get caught.

If it is possible that there is a state of shock for the redundant superdeportivo with tens of thousands of millions of strong horses and hundreds of leopard skins, you may have some better options for the demanding player who appreciates his time.

This is exactly what some players on the Reddit page in GTA Online have discussed, and have shared investments in the game that have validated the pen.

GTA Online players talk about ‘Ease of life’ purchases

The start was the user gomperocrystal, who started the thread that identified the Sparrow helicopter, a supplement to the Kosatka submarine by Cayo Perico Heist, as its best buy.

Some other users agreed and MitTiger said: “gorrión is very useful even if you do not do Cayo Perico configurations” and Rare-Outside-8105 added: “you can always run faster than search missiles in a straight line”. and do not go left or right ”.

An alternative option that was presented was the main control terminal, which comes with Diamond Casino Heist’s arcade features and is excellent for the individual entrepreneur, as MeraWoah explains, “it takes a lot of time to have access to all businesses from one place”.

For several old school players, the Buzzard helicopter has gained a bit of love as a handy tool for getting rid of clutter, though one could say that it is superior to newer helicopters like the Sparrow and Volatus.

In terms of reinforcement, the Up’n Atomizer was highly recommended, and user zyl15 said it “saved a huge amount of my sales just because I was a garbage man.”

A more controversial vehicle also got some eloquence, with user TkMacintosh saying: free mode is 10 times easier ».

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