GTA Online players share their love by attacking each other

Crime is a way of life in GTA Online, where each lobby offers a new wall of adapters that live Tony Montana’s fantasies, complete with a multi-storey apartment building, a garage with exotic superdeportives and a wardrobe full of intense fashion options.

That said, it seems that some players can still find joy in the simpler aspects of GTA life that have been in the game since the beginning.

This love quickly became known as a thread on GTA Online subreddit that came from a post by user Infamous_Archer_3892 who started sharing a humorous screenshot of a player being beaten for just four dollars.

GTA Online players love each other

Apparently, the first release was intended to play with the ridicule of harassing someone for that type of bag exchange, and user Cosmo_X signed: “$ 1,000 loan service to steal $ 4, profit!”

Without hesitation, things quickly became clear in a kind of discussion sana about how to enjoy the base of GTA Online players in the game’s robo mechanics, which allows you to steal a small amount of money efficiently from another player through a spoiler NPC, always keep the money in person. .

The EastCoastINC user dubbed the GTA hits as “the troll movement absolutely the best and most annoying in the game” and Impossible-Charity-4 added: “Literally there is nothing better than when someone is a victim of this old hat”.

Another user, MrPenitent, shared a story in which he commented on $ 10k from another player in seconds using just a stick and a stick, adding: the block will be a red circle once the money is taken ”.

A few other users stated that they used asphalt for a number of other functions, regardless of the profits they would get, testing the skills of lower-level players, and encouraged players to talk nonsense in the lobbies, both of whom appeared in line. .

On the other hand, user brucethetriple reviewed most of the GTA Online hacks with a line from The Dark Knight and said, “It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message”.

Be sure to follow up to get more updates about GTA Online in the way new content is released.

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