GTA Online players share deleted features they want to look back on

Over the course of its nearly decades of existence, GTA Online has evolved a lot, with fashion and trends rising and falling with the same frequency as in the real world.

It seems that when the ubiquitous Adder disappears from the streets in favor of other superdeportivos, the new atrocities that bring the vestibules to missions that were previously popular in fantasy cities, the forces of change are constantly on the streets of Los Santos.

Quizzes should not come as a surprise that there are people at the bottom of fans waiting for the return of certain features that have been eliminated from the game over the years. These are the people who have gathered on Reddit to fully support, while hoping that Rockstar will pay attention.

What are the old features of GTA Online Strange?

When writing on GTA Online subreddit, the user noodlesvonsoup started the complaint: “Extra fly the back doors on armored trucks and steal the money”, before asking other players who missed the game.

The most extraordinary features of the ProtoBirb user were similar, and they said: “Boxes and random armored trucks that will appear around the map. In addition to the chests, there was (a) good incentive for people to interact with each other, even if it it was just a crazy race to collect them ”.

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User Saaswalker suggested that these crazy races simply will not be as fun if they recover today, due to the loss of a more important feature in balanced PvP combat.

Meanwhile, user MelkortheDankLord highlighted a mission that has lost significance, saying, “Rebel scams. It’s not a game anymore,” prompting Nodog99 to respond, “Damn, I hope (only) OGs remember sniper vs stunters “.

Some users’ wishes were more automotive, where Yann2850 declared his love for the now former mechanic from GTA Online “good old Johnny in the file”, to which the user ruinenfelder replied: “I miss it too, especially for the time he pulled my bike from a bridge to the bus and killed himself ”.

On the other hand, the OneBingToRuleThemAll user just wants Santa to be friendlier and says, “Get really proper stuff for free for Christmas. It still surprises me that the RC tank will be donated at that time ”.

The likelihood of some of these features returning, however, seems slim, but at least GTA players can increase the memories of the best days. In addition, as you do so, you can make sure to follow up to get more updates of GTA Online the way new content is launched.

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