GTA Online players ruined by the repeated Tequila Heist reward

Working repeatedly in Cayo Perico Heist remains one of the most popular ways in GTA Online to make money.

After all, how else can it be assumed that players can allow the maintenance of their property card in constant expansion or spend on a new chrome wrap for their favorite superdeportivo?

However, it seems that not all Cayo Perico players are happy with the frequency with which they receive the most valuable prizes from the draw.

GTA Online players are fighting for the Cayo Perico tequila reward

When he wrote on Reddit, the cestanja user shared the fact that he had received the tequila, the less valuable reward that someone who repeats the atraco can receive, three times in a row.

Some other players sympathized and shared similar experiences, with cebolla_surfer14 admitting that once they had received the tequila reward nine times in a row and another user broke that record, an apparent stand with 13 tequila rings followed.

User nhoj4321 shared possibly the most tragic account, saying, “I did the cruelty 100 times, and 70 of them did.”

Other users were not so annoyed at not getting what they wanted, with Pungent_Bill saying “it’s still good money for overtime”, and another user added that they are always happy with tequila and when a few are taken . less rewards for accompanying him.

The Sinlego user shared that few people are looking for a new session to avoid getting the tequila reward, although other players responded by suggesting that the extra time this strategy takes is not worth the pain.

Some players do not seem to have had trouble getting the best rewards by winning consistently, with mentions of bonuses to bring a little more lucrative and the pink diamond that can earn $ 1,100,000 and $ 1,300,000 respectively with normal difficulty, compared to $ 900 in tequila, which regularly increases in the game. hilo.

On the other hand, the user installed SuperCool_Saiyan Rockstar to give players the option of simply drinking the Cayo Perico tequila that cost them so much instead of selling it.

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