GTA Online players love the ultimate weapon to kill enemies

For those who have not yet played GTA Online, the fight against the odds is less an occasional consequence of the game and more a lifestyle.

Already supporting some possible buffaloes for the sale of his nightclub, finding a way to prevent a type of jet from interrupting his routine flight or deciding to convert to a GTA Batman species to save some lower level players at a bad time, GTA Online veterans have seen it all.

Now, without hesitation, it has been decided to highlight a weapon that he believes does a particularly good job of dealing with the most generalized irritants in the game.

The power of explosive brakes makes this rifle a favorite among the Gta community

When the user Jaustin30 was published on GTA Online subreddit, the user Jaustin30 started a thread that shared a clip of them using a Heavy Sniper Mark 2 equipped with explosive rounds to fly a perpetrator in a jet of the sky with a single shot, and said: “it’s because that’s why I love the explosive fan”.

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Several users were reluctant to question the jet pilot’s tactics during the exchange, and several were asked why missiles would be used against a terrestrial target when better options were available, and were told that Jaustin30’s death was not so impressive.

The release also sparked a deliberate debate about whether the rifle rifle with explosive cartridges is just a good weapon or too powerful for things to be balanced, where many different users contribute their granite to the discussion.

The Sydneyslay user reviewed the view from one side and said: “the explosive fan makes everything in the air useless”, while TrynaExist demonstrated the view from one side and said: “One that hits people in the air feels great. Especially when you think you have a lot of distance and simply elimination of the sky without prior notice ”.

Some users asked how they could grab the weapon and the explosive rounds to prove it for themselves, which led to a number of veterans holding out to indicate that the Arms Traffic Update Book is the destination it seeks and directs to. it requires inside to be able to buy explosives.

Be sure to follow up to get more updates on GTA Online in the way new content is released, which may involve Michael as a solo player.

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