GTA Online players break the chaos of Tetris cars

Players are constantly finding new extraordinary ways to have fun in GTA Online, but some players on Reddit have had one of the most popular ideas so far.

The concept was simple. Tome Benny’s Original Motor Works, the car customization workshop added in 2015 as part of the lowriders update, and see how many cars can be placed inside its walls at any one time.

One of the two players involved, using Nielsvluit_03 shared the results of his small experiment in a thread on the Reddit page of GTA Online, but unfortunately for those looking for a certain number of cars to win on their own, the lost players count about 50

GTA Online players try Car Tetris

“It took us more than an hour and we said we could accommodate more than we had expected,” Nielsvluit_03 said in the post.

Of course, other GTA players were impressed with the game, where the user bvo1127 said, “I love watching people have fun in GTA” and Avanikki asks, “I’m the only one who could hardly resist firing a grenade in the middle of this. “Is that all?”

In response to a user who asked how the couple would have managed to prevent the cars from disappearing, Nielsvluit_03 revealed that a player should stay inside Benny for the entire duration so that a player would always have enough close to the cars and to avoid the garage door closes.

Despite the lack of a concrete final number of cars trapped inside Benny’s at the climax of the experiment, there is a satisfactory conclusion, as shown in the video added to Nielsvluit’s follow-up post_03:

This explosive finale comes after the couple is convinced that a lot of cars regrets will disappear.

Be sure to follow up for more updates on GTA 5 and GTA Online.

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