GTA Online Multimillionaire will share its money

Given its status as the games’ most important crime simulator, one of the words most likely not associated with the Grand Theft Auto series is “part”.

Since its inception, coding has been reinvented in the Rockstar arena, and GTA Online is no exception. Without a doubt, almost a decade after the life of the GTA 5 line mode, things could start to change.

No matter how big the game is or how often it is at the moment, the unconditional players in GTA Online are reaching the point where they have gathered the necessary financial resources to buy and get almost everything they could wish for in the game. , from vehicles, weapons and including a propeller carton with property.

GTA Online players want to share money

So instead of quitting, some super-rich players seem to have decided that a better option is to ask Rockstar cards if they can give some of their profits away to players who are less fortunate than they are. is.

Posting on Reddit lamented user DeadyDeadshot: “I had 1.9 million in the last 18 months with nothing to spend. I want to make other players happy”.

In response, several users indicated that this would only be a feature of GTA Online when the game was launched in 2013, which would allow players to share rewards with other people who helped them with the work.

Not surprisingly, the feature caused problems and was explored by scammers and modders who used it to donate generated funds ranging from small jobs to the game that had been edited to offer massive rewards by a few realists, in addition to offering thousands of miles. the players, who of course heart evenly over the lobbies.

User TheMinick suggested that it is still possible to distribute small sums in GTA Online through the inventory section of the game’s interaction menu, although some PC gamers responded by claiming that this feature was also completely removed from that platform due to the traps. .

Another benevolent mind player suggested that DeadyDeadshot could help the poorest players make Cayo Perico Heist out of the game with them, assuming heavy work and changing the job record to share the majority of the reward with the other player.

On the other hand, user Dreki_Diablo provided a different and more extreme suggestion on what to do with all that wealth, saying “convert to Batman and hate misery”.

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