GTA 5 – Sech Group Vehicle Generation Route Point Guide (History Mode)

A screen capture guide of the various Sech Group generation points for a quick and easy reference.

Guide to the reference point for the generation of vehicles in the Sech Group


This guide is a collection of the various evacuation sites in the Sech Group, which cover much of the GTA V history mode. In each image, there is a waypoint marker that identifies the vehicle’s evacuation site.

To open a vehicle

Beat the dealer before depositing the money (the one you do not expect on the truck) when both are out of the vehicle.

When the vehicle is in motion, remove at least two units, preferably on the same side, for example, both units on the driver’s side. After disassembling the safety detector, take about 5 good shots at the rear doors some distance away, or add C-4 to the doors and apply directly in front.


Aggro the vehicle and then start fleeing, if the blue dot disappears from the mini card, then it is likely that the truck has eaten the money and that the doors do not open after the crash.

It’s time to leave

The doors do not open after what appears to have been a sufficient amount, it is possible that an empty truck has been stolen and therefore the doors cannot be opened.

Cancel placements

The nearest Group Sech event takes place at the Franklins home.

The venue for the Group Sech event with an acrobatic departure ramp built-in. This area is the second closest GRU village in relation to the Franklins House.

The blue dot was an active Sech Group generation event. I think the bus ride on the ramp is the place of generation when it passes.

A generational event taking place at the far end of Paletto Bay, near the fire and police stations.

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