GTA 5 – Route guide to grocery stores (History status)

A quick reference guide to finding the nearest local grocery store to find an effective getaway.

Robo reference point guide in a grocery store


This is a quick reference guide to finding POS to make efficient payouts. Go to each marked position on the screen and carefully give your money to the employee.

Professional advice

  • First, stop the car for a faster ride.
  • Getting rid of bottles / merchandise is not the only way the cashier can withdraw money faster, but it seems to be able to withdraw larger amounts.
  • Always keep your face / stay close to your head if the employees of the fateful store armed with thugs try to turn the situation around. This is always a good time to switch to first person (FP) to accumulate playing time in FP.
  • Now you first retire to buy a muffler, this avoids disturbing while emptying the bottles before they are mentioned.
  • If there’s only one red dot on the map moving towards your position, it’s a dog, and if the dog yells at you, you’re dead. So be careful.
  • Robbing too many stores on the same day, or robbing the same stores repeatedly in a circle, will increase the response rate and reduce the amount raised. Changing characters does not restore this, only time does.
  • You can make some money in the first few games.

Highlighted places

  • Located immediately behind Franklin’s house

  • Located a few blocks south of Franklin’s house

  • Small car wash from Seoul

  • Just north of the North Vinewood Highway, just north of the entrance to the observatory.

Go to this location, then drive to the hills immediately outside the store and continue west until you reach Chumash to reach the next location.

After robbing Chumash, drive a car to the beach and drive north of the store, take the sewer back to the hills to hide 5-0, after which the heat disappears, go up again and drive on to the next location.

Dress the shop, then head to the beach and head north to return to the same cycloak that was used to hide under the first Chumash robe.

  • Mirror Park (northeast of Los Santos (NE LS) near the streams)

  • Convenience Store – Eastern LS Highway, near Far Eastern Ammunition

Go to this grocery store after completing a series of Trevors traffic works to restore the traffic workers, finish the work, and then complete the cycle through the following stores while completing the traffic missions.

  • Convenience Store – Upper North Eastern LS Highway

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