Grimlight Level List (July 2022): all rated characters

July 8, 2022: Grimlight is currently available, but with Asian-specific servers still having issues, the game is back in open beta, with new events on the way. The list of levels may remain the same for a while.

Deciding who to use in a new game can be difficult, and Grimlight is no different. Having launched in early July 2022, the game has a wide list of characters to choose from. As such, we are here List of Grimlight levels to help you now that the servers are active.

With many characters of hadith stories and traditions that we know and love, from Drácula to Cenicienta, the Grimlight heroes are waiting for you in the land of Phantasia. Here, dreams and legends are the norm, but they are threatened by Dreamless, and you must assemble your team to fight evil. It is something simple, but the artistic design is something to be aware of.

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Grimlight Level List: Best Heroes to Launch



S Cenicienta, Drácula, Caballero Rojo, Aurora, Rojo, Reina De Corazones, Alicia
ONE Blank Conejo, Gold Ricitos, León cobarde, Geppetto, Dorothy, Esme, Caballero de hojalata, Bathory, Sombrerero loco, Briar Rose, Caballero blanco
B Hansel, Gretel, Liebre de Marzo, Kaguya, Blancanieves, Pequeña cerillera, Espantapájaros, Robin Hood, La Bestia, Garfio, Jengibre
C Mago, Rapunzel, The Huntsman, Sage, Belle, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Rangers, Guardian, Tamamo No Mae, Winter Queen, Little Mermaid
D Vita, Lobo Feroz, Guerrero, Gato, Asesinos, Obette, Odile, Saffi, Otohime

The previous Grimlight level list classifies all the heroes at levels S to D. Since the game is very new, it is likely that this will change! We update our list as the community enters the game and some favorite characters start popping up.

Ideally, you want to target any grade at the S level from the beginning. If you can not get one with the first mass of free extracts you can manage, it is worth the money to delete your data and try again. We will use the appropriate method to repeat Grimlight when the game is active.

What is Grimlight?

The new Grimlight game from Eight Studio centers on well-known characters with fairy tales and legends and those from a new life as heroes in Phantasia.

Your role is to create a strong team like Dreamer, to dispel the darkness that has plagued the earth and the masters of time. You will discover lost memories and stories to reconstruct the past. To accompany these exercises of family characters inspired by anime, you get a large amount of powerful weapons that you can each customize and strengthen.

Visit the official website and Gorjeo here for more information and a look at some of the heroes.

When will more Grimlight characters be released?

Grimlight was released on July 7th and as such is a very new game. We hope new heroes come up with an update or as part of any event that may arise.

As is the case with most gacha games, we hope that a certain level of power is established with each new character. It is likely that there will be no tracking of characters below the launch level, as the launches of new characters are powerful and high-speed characters that will save your money in the game for shooting and driving.

How can I play Grimlight?

Grimlight is available on iOS and Android platforms. Here are links to the App Store and Google Play.

You should also be able to play in an emulator and download the APK from your regular repositories or download it directly through your favorite emulator.

When will the Grimlight maintenance be completed?

Although the game was scheduled to be launched on July 7, it was in fact only launched the next day due to server issues. Prior to the launch, there was an announcement that “everything is called” on the official channels of Discord of the game and that the team was “very, very late”. Lindo.

On the plus side, every time the game is delayed, it results in an extra memory fragment element for anyone who decides to resume and play the game when available. It currently has a 14 hour delay, which means that 14 snippets of memory will be saved when the servers start allowing people to enter.

In addition, you also get benefits from Grimlight’s overview and the following articles:

  • A five-star hero boleto
  • 34 memory fragments (the 10 and 24 originals for 24 hour delay)
  • 200 laver

Come back to check when the servers are active to find out the possible Grimlight repeat methods and the first tips. Now, without hesitation, take a look at the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes if you like it. We also have a page where we discuss the best addresses for the financial wallets: the latest character in the game.

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